What is Trane HVAC training?

Furthering or starting one’s education into the HVAC field calls for getting instructed by professionals in the field.  One of these is Trane.  They present a full body of training for HVAC students so that they can go on to careers in the industry.

Trane covers just about everything HVAC related from engineering to design and software analysis training to training courses and more.  This field is very complicated as the application of HVAC is fundamental to the lives of everyone.  Our homes, offices, schools, and vehicles rely on HVAC experts; Trane does its best to provide the best in all worlds.

What kind of training is available from Trane?

 Trane has ASHRAE standard courses that are LEED specific.  The project systems and Energy Impacts Synergistic Opportunities are several of the courses available.  LEED 2009 Modeling and Energy Savings courses.  Air-handling systems, and energy and IAQ project systems.  Air to Air energy recovery courses, Central geothermal system design and control, Dedicated outdoor air equipment, energy saving opportunities for LEED and the energy policy act, energy saving strategies for rooftop VAV systems, energy saving strategies for water source and ground source heat pump systems, fans in air handling systems, high performance VAV systems, ice storage design and application, upgrading existing chilled water systems, and VSDs and their effects on system components.

As one can see there is a lot to handle in the HVAC training field and Trane covers it in a responsible classroom atmosphere to ensure the best results from each student.

Trane has been around for 100 years and has provided services to millions.  As the technologies of the HVAC industry have emerged, Trane has been there as innovator and more.  From homes to offices, Trane knows the value of continuing HVAC training and the serious minded will consider them as a primary option.