HVAC Training Schools in California

The good part about starting your career in HVAC training in California is that there is a list of HVAC training schools in the Golden State.

This list is ever changing because new schools are popping up and other schools merge or shut down. You’ll need a current list that is updated and here’s one that should suffice.  Remember, in looking for an HVAC training school you’ll want to find one that is certified.  Don’t take risks and end up with some half baked facility that won’t get you anywhere but into trouble.  The reputable schools will display their credentials easily, on their brick and mortar displays and on their websites.  A simple call to the accreditation groups and you’ll know for sure if you’ve got  the real deal.   After that, triple check the curriculum to make sure your particular area of HVAC training is covered since this is a highly specialized field.  Go over the list, call the instructors and work out a very detailed plan on how to approach and complete the courses affordably and efficiently.

So take a look at this list and see what California has to offer:

1-Wyo Tech

2-Intercoast Colleges


4-Institute of Technology

5-Mayfield College

6-Career College of Northern Nevada