HVAC Technician Salary

HVAC professionals are still in demand and that demand won’t be dropping anytime soon.  After training and sometimes apprenticeships and internships a HVAC trainee becomes professional and depending on their area of expertise can command some comfortable to lucrative salaries.

For example here is a list of salaries for HVAC professionals:

  • Temperature Control Technician- $65,000
  • Commercial HVAC Service Technician – $54,000
  • HVAC Technician Residential- $53,000
  • HVAC Tech- $53,000
  • Technician HVAC- $52,000
  • HVAC Technician- $50,000
  • HVAC Journeyman – $41,000
  • Commercial HVAC Technician HVAC – $27,000
  • HVAC R Service Technician – $43,000
  • HVAC R Technician – $45,000
  • HVAC Installer – $47,000
  • Life Safety Services – $42,000
  • Residential HVAC Service Technician – $48,000

As one can see the salaries vary depending on which area of expertise one chooses.  This doesn’t include overtime.  These salaries are comfortable and in some cases they are much more.  It takes one to study each company and see who pays the most.  Lucrative contracts for office buildings or residential projects are sure to be higher.  Some experts are proficient in more than one area of HVAC and they command even higher salaries.

It is a matter of choice, expertise, and following up after placement with a company.  If one has the skills to own their own company the salaries differ there as bidding for jobs may apply.

As technologies in the field change, continued HVAC training is mandatory.  This training boosts and secures salaries as these new systems need to be installed and maintenance or upgrades to old systems need to be done.  Sometimes an entire skyscraper or facility or chain of store buildings will need an upgrade especially if safety is a concern.  The energy efficient changes in technology means companies have to save money and they do so by installing the more efficient systems.  Whoever has the latest training gets the job and if there’s a rush the salaries increase.